I use TightVNC and Remmina Remote Desktop to connect my Raspberry Pi to my Ubuntu laptop over VNC. It works great for the most part, except for the fact that there is no sound.

I have googled all over the place, looking up forwarding sound over VNC, sound over VNC via SSH tunnel, sound forwarding via PulseAudio Network Transparency. I can't find how to do it.

Does anyone know how to get sound over VNC?

  • VNC does video only, not sound, AFAIK. Are you already running PulseAudio? Or some other sound server? – derobert Jun 20 '14 at 19:55
  • I'm not currently running PulseAudio. However, I believe I am running a form of JACK. I can install pulseaudio, if need be. – RPiAwesomeness Jun 20 '14 at 20:46

VNC does not support sound.

You can use PulseAudio to move sound over SSH, though, which may be better than nothing for you.

Check out this post: https://razor.occams.info/blog/2009/02/11/pulseaudio-sound-forwarding-across-a-network/


I tested tightvncserver and got it running with xfce4 then tried remmina. I got an 8-bit display even though i had specified 24-bit. Then I ran xwininfo -root and it said X was 24-bit. So I tried xtightvncviewer. The display was nice and smooth 24-bit. So I started to have some fun and fired up the Opera web browser. It showed me a YouTube link so I just clicked on it. Immediately, there was a video that looked interesting, so I just clicked there so I could try full screen and other hotkeys the player supports. All the keys I regularly used work OK then I realized there was sound! So I think it is a matter of xtightvncviewer vs remmina. Give xtightvncviewer a try. I have no idea how it accomplished sound, but it did it.

FYI, I did all this on Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS with tightvncserver 1.3.10-0ubuntu3, xtightvncviewer 1.3.10-0ubuntu3, and remmina 1.1.2-3ubuntu1.


According to the libvirt documentation, qemu has an extension to VNC to include audio. Some viewers, such as xvnctitanviewer, support that extension as implied by this answer support that extension. If you are forwarding audio via qa qemu VM, then you can do so over this VNC extension.

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