I have been using GNU/Linux for sometime now (Ubuntu and Fedora) and now I am trying to learn shell scripting from scratch. I need to choose the right documentation/links to start off with.

PS: I can create simple scripts and can understand slightly complex ones.


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I learned scripting with these Guides:

Bash Beginners Guide

Topics include:

  1. Bash environment
  2. regex
  3. awk
  4. sed
  5. interactive scripts
  6. loops + shift
  7. functions
  8. signals
  9. more...

Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide

Topics include:

  1. Basics + convention Quoting, Exit status
  2. Variable maniulation
  3. Commands (builtins, filters, sysadm)
  4. regex
  5. i/o redirection
  6. process substitution
  7. subshells
  8. more...

If you're looking for web resources I've found this to be helpful for most of my uses.


You should find Heiner's SHELLdorado a good starting point. Don't underestimate the manpages as an on-going resource, either, as you develop code.

  • Sure..Will go Through them..:) – Atul Jun 20 '14 at 19:06

Try getting these books: Classic Shell Scripting and bash Cookbook. They are both by O'Reilly. There is also tons of documentations and youtube videos online.


I have seen a post similar to this, where i answered the same as Livinglifeback with the tldp bash documentation. There was also some other great ones. Here is the link: How to get started with bash?.

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