My situation is as follows: I have a server (A) set up with a VPN connection to a third-party server (B). I have a collection of other servers (C, D, E...) that share the same private network as my VPN-connected server (A).

The third-party server (B) provides a RESTful API that is accessible through HTTP. For instance, from server A I can request some URL:

$ curl http://<server-B-vpn-ip-address>/path/to/whatever

And I will receive a JSON response with the appropriate data.

I want to be able to access server B's API from any server (C, D, E...) by making a call to server A. For instance:

$ curl http://<server-A-private-ip-address>/path/to/whatever

Server A should then forward that request to server B, and it should return the JSON response to whichever server initially requested it.

I've looked at a few possible ways to solve this with iptables without success, but honestly I don't know what the right tool for the job is in this case. Does anyone have any ideas?

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I ended up solving this problem by implementing a reverse proxy on server A that modified the request headers before forwarding the request to server B.

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