I am using XMonad 0.11, but this might be unrelated. I am using evolution 3.12.2 and this is related, but the problem might be more general. After research, it appears that the window in question is pinentry and comes from GPG2.

Some password dialogs prevent me from using my keybindings. Usually this is caused by evolution.

The following happens:

  • I am not able to switch workspaces or change the focus with the keyboard; changing focus with the mouse still works.
  • I cannot move the window using keybindings alone (i.e, META-SHIFT-1), but the combination META-MOUSE1 to move works.
  • The non window manager keys don't all work, either: ESCAPE is ignored but RETURN works. Insert from clipboard does not work either (although this may be intentional for a password field).
  • In fact, any keyboard input is redirected to the password fields and the meta combinations appear as normal letters (e.g, if I try META-SHIFT-1 to move the window an * appears in the password field, most likely masking a 1).
  • As soon as the dialog is closed, using mouse or enter, the system behaves normally again.

I would like to fix this as this is very annoying when a password window pops up unexpectedly.



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