I am often using rlwrap sqlite database.sqlite to browse an SQLite table. It works great but I would like to have a tool that would create an index tables (and possible its columns as well) and let me autocomplete them using <TAB>.

Is there any such tool or should I create it by my own? Should I then write extension for rlwrap?


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A quick and dirty way to achieve what you want is to use rlwrap with the --remember (or -r) option:

  -r, --remember
          Put all words seen on in- and output on the completion list.

After starting sqlite with:

$ rlwrap -r sqlite database.sqlite

make sqlite print all table and field names by issuing the meta-command .fullschema (or, with even less typing, put this command in a file init and then run rlwrap -r sqlite -init init database.sqlite)

You will then be able to autocomplete on those names with the TAB key.

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