When I close or open my laptop lid, xfce executes xfce4-display-settings --minimal. I want to make that stop, but how? I found nothing in the settings under /etc/xdg/xfce4 and .config/xfce4.

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The hardware triggers such as lid closing/opening can be interpreted and managed by your Desktop Environment, but since you cannot find anything related in Xfce configuration, it could mean they are handled in a generic way - by the acpid daemon. Look into the files under /etc/acpi/. You can grep for "lid" there (run grep -iR lid /etc/acpi/).

  1. Run $ xfce4-keyboard-settings as a regular user
  2. Choose "Application shortcuts"
  3. Delete the following line:

    "xfce4-display-settings --minimal XF86Display"

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