I connect my laptop to my PC monitor and I use multiple screens with the laptop screen as the primary one.

When I move the mouse to the right of my laptop screen, it goes to my PC monitor and when I move it to the left from my PC monitor, it goes to my laptop screen.

How can I change this to be so that when I move the mouse up from my laptop screen it goes to my PC monitor, and when I move the mouse down from the PC monitor it goes to my laptop screen in gnome shell?

I know that in kde this is configurable.

I don't mind to have this tied to some script if it needs to be.


In the search bar type displays. Depending on your version of gnome 3, it will either show two displays that you can drag around to your liking, or it may have a button with "arrange combined displays".

enter image description here

Sometimes on nvidia cards the display menu won't do anything. I have had that in the past, what you do is search for nvidia and there should be an application called nvidia x server and the second entry in the menu should be for the display configuration. You can use that to drag around the monitors.

enter image description here

Just drag the monitors so that they are stacked instead of horizontal.

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  • Thanks! mi displays screen looks different that both screens you've added. I didn't know that I could change the position by draging the screens. – Rombus Jun 17 '14 at 1:33

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