$ istat TESTFILE.txt
Inode 2317 on device 12/7       File
Protection: rw-------   
Owner: 4847(testuser)           Group: 346(testuser)
Link count:   1         Length 1480 bytes

Last updated:   Sun Jun 15 08:20:17 2014
Last modified:  Sun Jun 15 08:20:17 2014
Last accessed:  Sun Jun 15 13:03:37 2014


istat doesn't know any format for UNIX TIME on AIX?

My question: How can I display the modification time for a file in UNIX TIME format on AIX?


You can use perl:

$ perl -le 'print((stat shift)[9])' test.txt

Or GNU date:

$ date -r test.txt +%s

You can install GNU date on AIX refer to this link.

date -r test.csv +%d%m%Y

This will give you the complete formatted date

  • Welcome to U&L, Elaya! You might have missed the AIX tag in the question; AIX's date command supports a different set of flags/options, which don't include -r – Jeff Schaller Oct 24 '16 at 12:19

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