I've installed gentoo on my new laptop. I've got an LUKS-encrypted root partition (/dev/sda3). Cryptsetup (USE="gcrypt") is installed. Essential cryptographic API is compiled in kernel. Kernel and initrd image are built using genkernel-next (--luks --gpg).

I use GRUB2 and these kernel options: root=/dev/ram0 crypt_root=/dev/sda3 real_root=/dev/mapper/root rootfstype=ext4

I also tried to omit rootfstype, and root=/dev/mapper/root (no real_root), but nothing has changed.

When I boot my system it asks me for my password:

Enter passphrase for /dev/sda3: ... and after I type (in)correct password nothing happens: I can type any symbol infinitely.

Any ideas? I can boot with live-cd and successfully mount this encrypted volume with cryptsetup.

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The problem was solved by rebuilding initrd image using genkernel-next with --lvm option.

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