I have a SUSE SLES 11 box running samba. I am running this command:

mount -t cifs //ip/dir1/dir2 /mnt/backups -o username=user,password=pwd,domain=domain

Which works and mounts the drive properly. I can access all contents of dir2 via

ls /mnt/backups

Now I use used umount /mnt/backups, and try to access a directory deeper...

mount -t cifs //ip/dir1/dir2/dir3 /mnt/backups -o username=user,password=pwd,domain=domain

The command does not return any errors, but when I type ls /mnt/backups, I get

/bin/ls: /mnt/backups: No such file or directory

The permissions on all folders in the directory are fine. When I am able to mount dir2, I can navigate to the dir3 using ls. However, I cannot mount dir3. Is there a restriction on how deep you can go (as far as directories)?

  • try moving -o ... to after -t cifs before //ip/.. – dashesy Jan 6 '17 at 3:06

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