This may be stupidly simple, but...

I am trying to make my own prompt for Prezto. I have been using numerous prompts for reference (I can post a list if necessary). My RPROMPT and cursor are refusing to align correctly.

I have done lots of Googling, and have found solutions such as zsh prompt not escaped properly and ZSH RPROMPT weird space. I have been through my code over and over again, making sure all literal escape sequences are surrounded by %{ ... %} and anything that takes up space is not. I have also used shellcheck.net to check for other kinds of errors.

I suspect it has something to do with prompt_segment or prompt_end, because the misalignment occurs both when I enter a git branch and when log in as root (see screenshots).

I've been working on this for hoursDAYSWEEKS, and it's driving me nutsy!!

The code is way too long to paste here, but is available on github. Screenshots are available in a gist.

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