When I boot with a resume=.. option to the kernel and an initrd built with a -h option, userland tools (say, batti) offer me the choice of hibernation; when I boot without them it does not.

Where is the fact that I have a system capable of hibernate/resume exposed for these tools to find that out? (This is on Slackware, in case this is init-specific.)


One way to do this is via the /sys/power interface. The usual way to induce hibernation (used by various higher level tools) is to write to a couple of the fields there:

echo shutdown > /sys/power/disk
echo disk > /sys/power/state

I believe the first one sets the methodology and the second one triggers the change.1 However, if you read from these nodes, you get a list of possibities:

> cat /sys/power/disk
platform [shutdown] reboot suspend

> cat /sys/power/state
freeze standby mem disk

Since shutdown and disk are available, the machine can be put into hibernation.

1 You can also set platform on /sys/power/disk to do the same thing via the system's ACPI hardware, presuming the driver works properly, and echo mem > /sys/power/state puts the machine into suspend (state saved to ram).

  • Cool, thanks. I've written to those files for years and never thought to read from them. – Bandrami Jun 8 '14 at 13:47

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