I'm using Linux Mint 16 Cinnamon. I tried google-drive-ocamlfuse and grive, but both of them can't access spreadsheet. google-drive-ocamlfuse shows this error:

Device or resource busy

W hen it tries to access .ods file? Is there any alternative which can access?

Actually I have many .ods Or .xls files which are to be shared with many different collaborators who can edit it. Up to this it is okay, it can be done using Google Drive . But now I have to use these files in Mathematica?

So instead of Google Drive if there is any site which can edit Dropbox .xls files and save them, that would suffice for my job.

Or if there is any other alternative for my purpose please let me know.

I've read this one: Mount Google Drive in Linux?, but the question was asked two years before, so there may be new updates and my problem is also different from that.

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