This is what I presently see in Mac Terminal as always

EN-AAABBBB:~ username$

My understanding is that EN-AAABBBB is my Mac name, followed by username. But I would like to transform this into this format


How do I achieve this? Other customization tips are welcome :) [Colors etc..]

Note: I tried adding PS1='\u@ \W \$ ' to .bash_profile, and am now getting the result as

username@ ~ $

\w or \W should display working directory, but it is not. Any help?


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This thread was useful in figuring out how to accomplish this.

This is what I'm using:

PS1="\H@\u: \$(pwd)> "
  • \H stands for Hostname
  • \u stands for username
  • \$(pwd) prints the present working directory.
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    ~ is your /home/user directory so what you were doing was working. If you have a directory below, had you put \w instead of $(pwd), that would show you ~/directory_below. You may also try adding something like [$?] to your line which would show you the exit status of the last command, in brackets...
    – user44370
    Jun 6, 2014 at 11:39

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