How can I create a Launcher on my desktop for guests machines inside of KVM on desktop of CentOS 6.5?

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You can either use virt-manager which brings up a GUI for launching/interacting with your guest KVM guests or you could create a shell script to do what you want and then setup a shortcut to the script on your desktop.


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First create a script like so, saving it to perhaps $HOME/bin/kvm_someguest.bash.


# assuming it's started but you could do this oto
# virsh start someguest

virt-viewer someguest

Make sure it's executable.

$ chmod +x $HOME/bin/kvm_someguest.bash

Now make a shortcut on the desktop to it. For this create a .desktop file like so:

$ more ~/Desktop/kvm_someguest.desktop 
[Desktop Entry]
Name=KVM Someguest
GenericName=KVM Someguest

Now when you double click it it should run your KVM instance.

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