I'm working with tinycore-5.3.19 in an x86 architecture. I've tried to install a browser using the Apps. Browser. I've selected as remote extension chromium-browser.tcz. "OnBoot":


But it fails to install. The status message is:

chromium-broser.tcz Failed.

No more Info to guess which is the problem.


  • Has anyone tried to install this extension?
  • Someone could, please, tell me which may be the problem?

EDIT #1: New information

If I try to install it in tinycorelinux 3.8.4, chromium-browser.tcz tries to install, but it gives me this error:

mount: mounting /dev/loop5 on /tmp/tcploop/glib2 failed: invalid argument.

And if I try to install and download glib2.tcz the new error is:

Error in glib2.tcz

EDIT #2: New information

I've been suggested to better follow this tutorial: http://distro.ibiblio.org/tinycorelinux/book.html Maybe it's useful for anybody else in trouble with tinycore. Regards


It seems that I didn't have enough space in tce directory. After changing my partition size I downloaded and install chromium-browser.tcz correctly.

Command to download the extension:

   $tce-load -wi chromium-browser


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