In some terminal emulators like gnome-terminal or terminator, I am able to select a block of text by pressing Ctrl and then clicking the mouse and dragging. This is useful, let's say, to select an indented block of code without all the surroundings, see figure.

Difference between pressing Ctrl while clicking and dragging the mouse

Is it possible to do something similar in xterm?


There is no such functionality in xterm. This is what you are looking for as an alternative. If you do not want to use your mouse, advise this.

  • Thanks I've seen those links before I posted my question and was hoping to get luckier that those guys before me. About the alternatives they present, they are not practical for me, too many steps for and operation that shouldn't take more than 3 seconds. – pedrosaurio Jun 4 '14 at 9:56

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