I am using a laptop and Putty on a Windows system.

When I connect to my Debian Squeeze server in Bash environment, I can use the "Pos1/Home" or "End" (at the numlock part of the keyboard) to navigate through the commandline I am just writing.

However, when I create a "subshell" using screen, I cannot use Pos1/Home or End anymore. Pressing Num-Lock does not help.


The problem can probably be fixed by setting the $TERM variable in screen. Try adding term screen-256color to ~/.screenrc.

If this does not work, try adding termcapinfo xterm ks@:ke@' to~/.screenrc` as well. This might break some other keys so you should test it thoroughly.

  • Setting that environment variable in ~/.screenrc or launching screen -T screen-256color does not help. Ctrl+V does not work in Putty. But it does work if I perform the keystroke at the actual machine (I am testing on a VM now). Home/End does always work in screen when I am at the virtual machine, but does not work when I do the same in Putty+Screen. – Daniel Marschall Jun 3 '14 at 8:43
  • Ctrl+V at the virtual machine showed the keys ^[[1~ and ^[[4~ . Adding these 2 keys in ~/.inputrc does not help. Probably the keycodes passed through PuTTy are different. (However, Putty+Bash does work, but Putty+Screen does not work!) Is it correct entering "^[[1~": begin-of-line in ~/.inputrc or do I need to replace ^ with \e or [[ with [? (I tried various) – Daniel Marschall Jun 3 '14 at 8:44
  • Oh, I somehow completely ignored the part of the question that mentioned you are doing this through putty. I found a working solution, at least one that works on my computer using Putty to SSH to an Arch Linux machine. I will update my answer. – arnefm Jun 3 '14 at 9:14
  • Thanks. But alas, it does not work - the screen just blinks when I press the Home key. I have changed ~/.screenrc to: term linux . But that does not work. When I execute screen and (inside screen) echo $TERM I will get screen-256color . If I then enter TERM=linux inside screen, it will work. How can I tell screen to do that automatically at each start? – Daniel Marschall Jun 3 '14 at 9:46
  • I have just found the solution. I changed the terminal type in PuTTy from xterm to linux. This affects both, bash and screen. Thank you all the same for taking time to help me. :-) Your hint with the TERM setting was important to find the problem. – Daniel Marschall Jun 3 '14 at 10:03

I have found the reason why it didn't work.

In the PuTTy configuration I had to change the session settings as follows:

Connection -> Data -> Terminal details -> Terminal-type string

The value was: xterm I changed it to linux

Now I can use the Home+End keys in Bash and in Screen as well.

echo $TERM will show linux outside screen and screen.linux inside screen.

UPDATE 23 Oct 2018

I have found a much easier solution!

Just start screen with this command:

TERM=linux screen

or put this line in your ~/.bashrc :

alias screen='TERM=linux screen'

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