I am on ubuntu 12.04 and following this tutorial. I want to setup cron to run in the background but I don't have a chckconfig in sbin so I can't run sudo /sbin/chkconfig crond on

I am fairly new to sys admin stuff so need advice on how to workaround this. I tried searching for the crond command but could not find it. I found another instance of chckconfig but am not sure if this is the same thing I am supposed to use to schedule cron.

$ sudo !!
sudo find / -executable -name crond
$ sudo find / -name chkconfig

Why is my chckconfig in /etc/bash... Is it the same one used in this tutorial?

How can I set cron to run on background?

$ sudo !!
sudo find / -executable -name crond
$ sudo find / -name chkconfig

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chkconfig is a Red Hat feature/command so that doesn't surprise me that it doesn't work for you on Ubuntu. You can start cron using the services command instead.

$ sudo services crond start


$ sudo service cron start
cron start/running, process 20209

This will run it for the duration that the box is up. To make this service start as part of a bootup you can use this command to configure it,sudo sysv-rc-conf, but first you'll likely need to install it:

$ sudo apt-get install sysv-rc-conf

You can then use the UI to select the crond service so that it runs at bootup.

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You can also use initctl and configure the service so that it starts via the command line, but that's a bit more involved than the above. See this article titled: Manage System Startup and Boot Processes on Linux with Upstart for some details on it.


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