I am trying to connect my Lenovo S10E to a Nintendo Wiimote via bluetooth. I am using a simple Python script, reproduced below. I am calling it from the Linux Mint (version 16, "Petra") command line using python3 find_wii.py

My goal is to connect a wiimote to Mint, then output MIDI (eventually). I am using Python due to its cross-platform advantages.


import bluetooth

target_name = "Nintendo RVL-CNT-01"
target_address = "00:1C:BE:29:75:7F"

nearby_devices = bluetooth.discover_devices()

for bdaddr in nearby_devices:
    if target_name == bluetooth.lookup_name( bdaddr ):
        target_address = bdaddr

if target_address is not None:
    print("found target bluetooth device with address "), target_address
    print("could not find target bluetooth device nearby")

I am receiving the error

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "find_wii.py", line 1, in <module>
    import bluetooth
ImportError: No module named 'bluetooth'

I have installed bluez and python wrappings for it (sudo aptitude install python-bluez). I have upgraded my system (sudo apt-get update, sudo apt-get upgrade). I did consulted Google, and the only official bugs I could find are here and here, and neither of the answers worked for me.

How can I get the Bluetooth module to work with Mint?

[Note: Question cross-posted to stackoverflow]


I believe the bluetooth module is for python2 and not yet for python3. You can verify this by trying to load the module with python2.

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