I have several shell scripts that I summarised within a global script. I am using some variables that are the same across all scripts, and I wrote a separate script for this, which I am sourcing in each sub-script. This is what my variables script looks like:


My global script, global.sh, looks like this:

source variables.sh
bash script1.sh
bash script2.sh

Now, I need to change the NUMBER variable in my variables script, run the global script, change the number, run the global script again etc. for each number from 6-15. At the moment I am doing this manually every time the global script has finished, but it's taking up a lot of time.


First you have to adapt variables.sh so that NUMBER is not set unconditionally any more:


That allows you to pass the value from the calling process:

for((NUMBER=6;NUMBER<16;NUMBER++)); do
  source variables.sh
  bash script1.sh
  bash script2.sh

General remark: I am surprised that this works without export statements or set -a.

  • My script is indeed executed 10 times now, but the problem is, it inputs the number 6 for the variable every time, not numbers from 6-15. – Kaly Jun 1 '14 at 19:34
  • @Kaly You have modified variables.sh as I told you? – Hauke Laging Jun 1 '14 at 19:36
  • Yep, I placed NUMBER=${NUMBER:-6} into my script, and also replaced the other "NUMBER"s inside variables.sh with ${NUMBER:-6}. Maybe that was wrong? – Kaly Jun 1 '14 at 19:38
  • @Kaly You should replace only the NUMBER= line. It shouldn't cause problems in the other positions, though. For debugging put a line echo $NUMBER at the beginning of variables.sh. – Hauke Laging Jun 1 '14 at 19:43
  • Sorry about that! It still didn't work, but I placed an "export" before "NUMBER=" and now it works perfectly. Thanks so much! – Kaly Jun 1 '14 at 20:17

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