I installed few free fonts from smashingmagazine.com on my Fedora 14 laptop. I didn't like them much so I removed them from /usr/share/fonts using rm -f. The consequence was that my Google Chrome browser fonts changed automatically.

Since Fedora 15 is around the corner, I don't care much about the issue. But after installing Fedora 15, I'd like to make sure that I can add and remove fonts safely from my laptop without affecting font settings in any other application (specially browser). How can I do that and what points should I keep in mind?

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Installing fonts under $HOME/.fonts directory is safer. gnome-font-viewer has a nifty install button which does exactly that.

If you want to install fonts system-wise, and in general before executing a rm command inside a system directory, check if the file to be deleted is owned by some rpm package

# rpm -qi --whatprovides /path/to/font.ttf

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