I am looking for an application that allows me to search the text of the title bars of all open windows and then foreground the window that most closely matches the text I typed.

An application that does this perfectly is Switcher but it is only for windows.

Example: Say I have 20 windows open, Terminal, chromium open to google, another chromium window open to evernote, gnucash, etc. and I activate the program I am looking for via keyboard shortcut, then type note and hit enter it should foreground the chromium window that had evernote in the title bar.

Does a program exist for linux that does this?

I am using Arch Linux with enlightenment as my desktop environment but would be happy to find a tool like this that works in any environment.


With wmctrl:

wmctrl -a 'title substring'

With xdotool:

xdotool search 'title substring' windowactivate

With xdotool, you can refine the search by window class (i.e. by application), e.g.

xdotool search --all --class XTerm --name 'title substring' windowactivate
  • on my SUSE installation I have neither wmctrl nor xdotool – Thorsten Staerk Nov 9 '14 at 11:22

The brilliance of the enlightenment developers continues to amaze me. Apparently they thought of this and built it right into their everything application launcher, file finder, window focuser application.

If you launch the everything program from enlightenment and then type the text that is in one of the title bars of your open window it will find the window and if you hit enter it will switch to it.


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