I recently installed Debian wheezy in my laptop using Debian netinst iso image. I would like to install latest gnome desktop environment but mistakenly downloaded the net installation iso and I also installed it in my system.

So, is there any way to install and automatically load gnome without logging in and typing in the command startx each time to start the gnome environment? Or, is it better to download and install a live iso?

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Usually if you install the gnome-desktop-environment and gdm3 packages, the required dependencies will be installed and the boot loader should autostart:

apt-get install gdm3 gnome-desktop-environment

But I've got no way to test it right now, so please try that and tell me if it doesn't work.

  • Sorry, I connected to the internet through ethernet adapter and installed the desktop environment again using the netinst CD. Thanks for your reply.
    – Gowtham
    May 27, 2014 at 5:29

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