If I run top on the guest, the load average values seem to be exactly the same as running top on the host.

Is a Docker (LXC) guest's load average the same as the host's load average?

  • It seems this is a bug, isn't it? – Roboz Béla Apr 8 at 9:39

Looking at the code for /proc/loadavg - yes, it's the same. The load average is read out from global variables.

      seq_printf(m, "%lu.%02lu %lu.%02lu %lu.%02lu %ld/%d %d\n",
              LOAD_INT(avnrun[0]), LOAD_FRAC(avnrun[0]),
              LOAD_INT(avnrun[1]), LOAD_FRAC(avnrun[1]),
              LOAD_INT(avnrun[2]), LOAD_FRAC(avnrun[2]),
              nr_running(), nr_threads,


void get_avenrun(unsigned long *loads, unsigned long offset, int shift)
        loads[0] = (avenrun[0] + offset) << shift;
        loads[1] = (avenrun[1] + offset) << shift;
        loads[2] = (avenrun[2] + offset) << shift;


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