I installed Fedora 14 (64-bit) on a Windows 7 64 bits system, as a guest in VMWare. I can't use OpenGL support, Compiz and other openGL programs do not work. I searched on Google; I found solutions if both the guest and the host run Linux or if both the guest and the host run Windows.

How can I use OpenGL with a Windows host and Linux guest in VMWare?

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Reat That Fantastic Manual.

From VMware Workstation User's Manual for VMware Workstation 7.1, pages 172 and 173:

Accelerated 3-D Restrictions

Support for applications that use DirectX 9 accelerated graphics applies only to Windows XP guests, on hosts running Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Linux. This feature currently has the following restrictions:

  • Workstation now offers support for DirectX games and applications with
    DirectX versions 9 and lower.

  • Support for 3‐D applications is not optimized for performance.

  • OpenGL applications run in software emulation mode.

  • You cannot use the record/replay.

If the support for OpenGL is missing for Linux guests in Workstation 7.1 I don't think it's present in any previous version. Documentation for VMware Server does not even mention OpenGL.


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