Running Debian jessie with pulseaudio, sometimes I would use pavucontrol to adjust volumes of different applications at varying levels. Then when I would forget about it and adjust the volume using keys mapped to pactl set-sink-volume 1 -- -10%.

But if the sink volume was 50% and then I set the application volume in pavucontrol to 100%, forgot about it, then used pactl set-sink-volume 1 -- -10% the application volume would exceed 100%... and if it's an alsa container then it would make awful screeching sounds very loudly.

Is there a quick way to reset all of the applications volumes?

  • I have a similar issue, everytime I try to set the volume on a single sink-input it also sets the sink to that volume. pactl set-sink-input-volume 123 100% which is irritating because some programs are super quite and others super loud. (on the rare occasion I manage to get the sink and sink-input volumes separated, Chrome for example resets its sink-input volume every time I restart the computer, and the same method doesn't work every time even when reusing commands straight from the terminal history list) – Max Power Feb 9 at 21:55

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