In the i3 window manager you have this status bar. The configuration to enable the bar and tell it which file to load for it is in the ~/.i3/config file. This points to /etc/i3status.conf which contains the following to match the font color I use in my terminal emulator:

general {
   colors = true
   color_good = "#00A5FF" #some neon blue
   color_degraded = "#006298"
   color_bad = "#FF0000"
   output_format = i3bar
   interval = 5

If I enable a status element which doesn't work in my case - for instance ipv6 - it accordingly displays in red. But why are the rest of the statuses all appearing in white and not in blue like I specified? Isn't color_good the default color?


The extent to which each element in the statuses responds to color_good/degraded/bad in the i3status.conf file is not entirely clear but this is not how you set a default color for all the items. To supply a uniform1 default color for all the elements in the status, you just need add a color block to the bar section of your .i3/config file instead (defaults used here except for the statusline item):

bar {
 colors {
        background #000000
        statusline #00A5FF #that neon blue
        separator #666666

        focused_workspace  #4c7899 #285577 #ffffff
        active_workspace   #333333 #5f676a #ffffff
        inactive_workspace #333333 #222222 #888888
        urgent_workspace   #2f343a #900000 #ffffff
        status_command i3status -c /etc/i3status.conf

Then use mod1+Shift+r to restart which reloads the configuration.

1. Note that even as you do so an item like ethernet will show the color_good color from the i3status.conffile instead. (?)

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