I receive emails with PDF attachments that have the MIME type "text/pdf". This is obviously not good, but some mail clients are doing that...

The problem is that saving such an attachment in Mutt leads to a file on the disk that cannot be opened by a PDF viewer. The file size is indeed different by a few bytes from what it should be.

How can I save such attachments?

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Never come across a PDF as text/pdf, but presumably Mutt is trying to do a line ending conversion (e.g., CRLF → LF).

Easiest way to stop it would seem to be to (in the Attachments screen) edit the MIME type. By default, that's bound to ^E. Then save it.

(untested, as I've never seen a text/pdf PDF attachment.)


I use pdftotext to render PDFs in mutt.

In your ~/.mutt/muttrc define a ~/.mutt/mailcap path:

# define mailcaps
set mailcap_path=~/.mutt/mailcap:/etc/mailcap
set mailcap_sanitize

In your ~/.mutt/mailcap:

text/pdf; pdftotext %s -; copiousoutput; needsterminal; description="Adobe PDF Doc"
  • Normally the mailcap would have "application/pdf" as the mime type, but I used text/pdf in my example. May want to add both.
    – Chipster
    May 23, 2014 at 15:29

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