I have installed Network Manager, I don't have netctl installed. Whenever I boot my Linux computer I get the following error message:

systemd[1]: Failed to open configuration file '/usr/lib/systemd/system/[email protected]': No such file or directory

I assumed this meant that the service was still activated somehow, but by executing systemctl list-units | grep netctl I got no results. What is causing this error message?

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This looks like a stale symbolic link. If it's in /usr/lib, it looks like a packaging error unless you did something nasty to the system. But it may well be somewhere in /etc/systemd, if systemd is reading the link target and using it directly.

Check with ls -l or file on the path in your question, then on any occurences of netctl in /etc/systemd. You might also want to examine the logs from the boot time more carefully using journalctl.

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