I have BIND as a DNS server, what I want is to let this server to allow me to add or remove records to a zone without manually editing the zone file and I want to do this remotely.

Is this updating need a key or something like that or can I do it using ssh connection like this:

ssh user@remote "nsupdate ..... " ;

I experimented with this a bit ago, and you can establish a dynamic zone in bind to do this. However, if I recall you'll lose the ability to directly edit the zone and have to update this zone using the dynamic update commands.

I also believe that you can establish a key to prevent unauthorized access to this facility as well.

The solution I commonly see now is that dynamic zones are handled using Windows AD/DNS mechanisms or even third party networking solutions.

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    You can edit dynamic zones in bind with the help of the freeze and thaw subcommands of rndc. – cpugeniusmv May 22 '14 at 19:32

I have solved it: actually it needs a key: creating the key:

dnssec-keygen -a HMAC-MD5 -b 128 -n HOST example.com.

editing conf. file:

// TSIG Key
key "example.com." {
    algorithm hmac-md5;
zone "example.com" IN {
   type master;
   file "example.com.zone";
   allow-update{ key "example.com."; };

give the named authorization to the /var/named folder:

 # chown -R named:named /var/named
 # find . -type d -exec chmod 770 {} \;
 # find . -type f -exec chmod 660 {} \;

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