Is a Linux process considered a thread?

For example, if I write a simple c program that calls pthread_create to create a new thread in main(), does that mean that I now have 2 threads, one for main() and the newly created one? Or does only the spawned thread count as a thread but not the main() process?

I was wondering because by calling pthread_join to join the spawned thread to main() it seems like I'm joining threads together, thus implying that the main process is a thread.

Please also correct me if I use the wrong terminology. :)


From man pthreads in my computer

 In  addition  to  the **main (initial) thread**, and the threads that the 
 program creates using pthread_create(3), the implementation creates a 
 "manager" thread.  This thread handles thread creation and termination.
 (Problems can result if this thread  is  inad‐ vertently killed.)

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