I am trying to make a script B that uses another script A to change a specific column in a specific line. However, when I run the script A alone it runs perfectly. But when I try to use the script B (allowing me to run script A in other directories) it changes the entire line and not the specific column.

What is the problem?

script A (0.MOF.run):

echo $pot
mkdir u$pot  
cp u6000/towhee_input u$pot 
cd u$pot
mv towhee_input 1
awk < 1 -v k="-$pot.0" 'NR==12 {$2=k}{print}' > towhee_input   
cd ..

script B:

echo -n "Please Incert the Number of Potencials: "
read c
declare -i b
rm pot_pid

while [ $a -lt $b ]
   pot=$(awk < data -v k="$a" 'NR==k ')

   . 0.MOF.mkdir
   . 1.MOF.run

   a=`expr $a + 1`   
  • i my sorry but i cant't edit properly the question.. i dont know how to do it – Joao Macau May 19 '14 at 12:00
  • Can you be more precise? e.g In the 2nd script you call 1.MOF.run but you said that your script is named 0.MOF.run. Moreover to call a script that is executable (chmod +x myscript) you should write ./myscript or /bin/bash myscript ... – Hastur May 19 '14 at 12:41
  • the 1.MOF.run, it's other script used to run simulations. The 0.MOF.mkdir, is a script to crated directories and change some parameters. The parameter that i wont to exchange is in the 2 column, and when i run the 0.MOF.mkdir alone it works perfectly.. but when i run it in the script B it change the entire line, not the specific column – Joao Macau May 19 '14 at 12:57
  • 1
    I can't reproduce this, only the 12th line is changed in my tests. Please provide us with a minimal sample of input data that reproduces the problem for you. This is either somehow specific to your data or depends on the contents of . 0.MOF.mkdir. My guess is that whatever you are using to create towhee_input is not using the right field separators. – terdon May 19 '14 at 13:37
  • I see a problem of scope: check if it is true. In the scriptB it is given a values to the variable pot. Then there is the try to use it in the scriptA. If you do not pass this value somehow (./scriptA $pot in scriptB, then pot=$1 in scriptA), the scriptA will not know the value of pot and it cannot act correctly in the awk call. As a side effect you should create a directory u when you execute your script. – Hastur May 19 '14 at 18:57

As I said in my comment, I can't reproduce your issue. If you give us the data necessary to test, I will update this but in the meantime, here's a simpler way of writing what you have so far:

#!/usr/bin/env bash

## Write a function instead of calling
## an external script. You could also make
## 0.MOF.mkdir a function.
MOF_run() {
    echo "a.sh pot is $pot"
    ## The -p will cause mkdir to fail
    ## silently if the directory exists.
    mkdir -p u$pot  

    ## Run the awk on the target file, no need to cd or copy
    awk < u6000/towhee_input -v k="-$pot.0" 'NR==12 {$2=k}{print}' > u$pot/towhee_input   

echo -n "Please Insert the Number of Potentials: "
read c
## Make sure the user entered a number
## and not anything else or an empty string.
while [[ -z $c || ! $c =~ ^[0-9]*$ ]]; do
    echo "Please enter a number."
    echo -n "Please Insert the Number of Potentials: "
    read c
## increase c by one
let c++

rm pot_pid

while [ $a -lt $c ]
   pot=$(awk < data -v k="$a" 'NR==k ')
   echo "b.sh pot is $pot";
   . 0.MOF.mkdir
   ## Call the MOF_run function

   ## increment $a
   let a++;

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