I'm running OpenELEC on Raspberry Pi
As you know, directory /storage is a shared home folder between user root and user openelec
This makes a problem when you want to setup ssh key authentication for root
Because for that, you will have to change the owner of /storage from openelec to root, and change it's permission to 755 so that it won't be writable by non-root users including openelec
In other words, user openelec won't be able to write to his own home directory

I have done that, and I want to make sure that wouldn't make a problem
When I look at the output of ps aux I can't find any process running by openelec user (so that it needs to write to his own home folder)
(the main process xbmc is running by root too)

Now I have several questions:

  1. Why does that user openelec exist in the first place?
  2. Why it's using a common home directory with root?
  3. Why /storage is not owned by root by default?
  4. Have I done/understood something wrong?

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I use OpenELEC as well on my Rasp. Pi and have never had issues with the use of /storage having it owned by /root. I use SSH keys to get into the system when I need to.

I've never seen anything actually using the openelec user account either.

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