I recently purchased a new external hard drive and encrypted it with TrueCrypt as I want it accessible from both Windows and Linux. However, when I try to access the mount point for it in Linux it hangs indefinitely unless I previously load the volume with cryptsetup. So I'm guessing the problem is in my crypttab. Here's the line for the volume:

USBMassStorageTB /dev/disk/by-path/pci-0000\:00\:14.0-usb-0\:3\:1.0-scsi-0\:0\:0\:0-part1 none tcrypt,noauto

The goal with that is to create an entry called /dev/mapper/USBMassStorageTB at the disk with that path, prompting for a password rather than reading it from a file, using truecrypt and not automounting at boot.

My understanding - which may be flawed - of what should happen is:

  1. I access the mountpoint
  2. System sees this is not mounted, and looks it up in fstab
  3. System finds the entry in fstab pointing at device /dev/mapper/USBMassStorageTB and looks for that device, loading it if it's available (so far so good - this works fine if the device is opened with cryptsetup)
  4. If the device is not available, it needs to be decrypted based on the settings in crypttab - this is the bit where I'm not clear on what happens, I'm assuming it just looks up the entry for /dev/mapper/USBMassStorageTB in crypttab and sees it needs to decrypt the volume at that path
  5. The now-decrypted volume has a device entry and gets mounted according to the settings in fstab, and I can access the volume

The most useful information I've obtained so far is from the ArchWiki TrueCrypt page, specifically the automounting section at


which seems to imply the fstab and crypttab settings I have should be sufficient.

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