I am searching for a simple command line tool that takes a bunch of jpg files as input, copies them to some destination and generates some browsable html for it (including index page, preview thumbnails etc.), such that I can upload the results to some static webserver and people can conveniently browse them.

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andcoz's answer provided me with a good search term, i.e. just using

$ apt-cache search gallery

results in some packages matching the above criteria, e.g.

  • bins
  • igal2 - Nice looking film reel effect in gallery by default, scaling of original images is not the default (see --bigy), homepage and man page are missing some usage examples
  • jigl
  • lazygal - Themes are easy to change/adjust, instead of next/previous links small thumbnails (at the left/right), small/medium scaled views by default, --original creates links to the original files
  • llgal
  • photon - Optional slideshow feature via javascript, some scaling and link to original image available
  • webmagick

(Under Ubuntu 10.04)


Once upon a time, I used BB Gallery. It is very simple and easy to customize (if you know a little of perl).


You can hack a solution together with Dropbox.

Install Dropbox CLI.

Then copy files to a public gallery which presents the images in a minimally styled format.

Optionally, you could use this bash upload script.

DropboxCLI has an option to copy the gallery URL

copygallery - Copies the gallery url to the clipboard

so that you can then share that link...


For creating thumbnails from a bunch of JPGs, my first thought is to use Netpbm. Netpbm is a toolkit for converting images from one format to the other. Once you've banged together a script using Netpbm, you'd have to pull in some other scripting for the creation of the HTML gallery, and the copying and uploading process. Good luck!

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