I am helping a friend with her thesis written in LaTeX and I need a quick solution for a "search and replace". Using a terminal in Linux, how can I find the following pattern:


and replace \cite with \protect\cite

I was using Kate. Using its search feature I initially found more than 2000 hits and by refining my search I narrowed it down to some 300 hits. However I need to narrow it down further because I do not want to replace all \cite. I only want to replace \cite if it occurs within \caption{}


Assuming the caption and citation text do not contain special characters (in particular, the first * in your example should not contain \ and the second * should not contain }) then a GNU sed regex


should work, I think. If there may be empty caption and/or citation strings you may want to change the + modifiers to *. You can test it without modifying the file(s) using

sed -nr 's:(\\caption\{[^\]+)(\\cite\{[^}]+\}\}):\1\\protect\2:gp' files

If that seems to find and modify the right instances, then you can make it modify the files in-place using the -i option - if you are not already working on separate copies you can make backups automatically

sed -i.bak -r 's:(\\caption\{[^\]+)(\\cite\{[^}]+\}\}):\1\\protect\2:g' files

Similar expressions are possible in perl if sed doesn't work for you. Other versions of sed should work but may need different escaping of the special characters.

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