I'm writing C code using vim and are searching for a possibility to right-align my comments so that they all end at col 80. To give a short example:

int a = 80; /* initialize a */
int b = 7; /* initialize b */
printf("%d + %d = %d", a, b, a+b); /*calculate the result */

should turn into

int a = 80;                               /* initialize a */
int b = 7;                                /* initialize b */
printf("%d + %d = %d", a, b, a+b); /*calculate the result */
                                                           ^col 80

I have installed vim-easy-align to do other formattings but did not find out yet how to perform this alignment. Maybe someone knows how?

I do not insist on vim-easy-align. If you have another plugin that does the job.. Just tell me ;).


My AlignFromCursor plugin provides a <Leader>ri mapping and :RightAlignFromCursor command which do that. Just place the cursor in the whitespace before the comment (either manually or via a :[range]normal command) and invoke the mapping or command. It uses 'textwidth' or a prefixed [count].


Here is how to do it with plain vim commands, no plugins used:

In normal mode, place your cursor at the first character of the string you want to right-align, like the comment delimiter, and then press leader then tab to right align the text.

nnoremap <leader><tab> mc80A <esc>080lDgelD`cP

With explainations:

mc80A <esc>080lDgelD`cP
| |        |   ||  ||
mc|        |   ||  ||    Mark the position of the cursor
  |        |   ||  ||
  80A <esc>|   ||  ||    Append 80 spaces at the end
           |   ||  ||
           080l||  ||    Go the the 80th column from the beginning of the line
               ||  ||
               D|  ||    Delete what is next
                |  ||
                gel||    goes after the last string char
                   D|    Delete the characters remaining (complement to go 80)
                    `cP  and paste these to shift the string up to 80 column.

To mark multiple comments, you can search the next occurence of a comment delimiter and press leadertabnleadertabnleadertabn...

  • This is why I love Vim. – Eric M Feb 27 '18 at 16:21

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