I would like to use Gentoo on Amazon EC2.

What are the right AMI for me to use?

I won't be running X unless necessary. I guess I need a server variant, if there is such a thing.


I could not find an official build for EC2. The closes thing is likely going to be the Pygoscelis Papua Linux distro.

Dowd and Associates is offering Pygoscelis Papua Linux. Pygoscelis Papua Linux is an unofficial build of Gentoo Linux for Amazon EC2.

You can also peruse the Cloud Market list of images available.

If you'd rather there are other methods discussed within these resources which cover rolling your own Gentoo image from scratch.

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  • Thanks for suggesting Pygoscelis Papua. Should Cloud Market images always be more expensive than the regular AMIs? Can I use them with Spot instances? – Nickolai Leschov May 16 '14 at 15:36
  • @NickolaiLeschov - I cannot say. I'm not familiar with any of this really, I was merely trying to provide you leads/resources to pursue your Q. Sorry. – slm May 16 '14 at 15:37

There's now Funtoo which is a variant from one of the Gentoo developers, pretty similar except a few minor differences such as ego sync instead of emerge --sync, but everything else with emerge, configurations, paths, etc. seems okay.


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