Apache is loading the configuration from files into its memory. If the config files are changing the Apache process won't activate it until a reload/restart happens.

Now I have to debug the current running Apache configuration (particularly the Vhost config). For now I have dumped the Apaches memory with gcore. So how would I have to proceed to extract the relevant parts of the memory dump to get to the Vhost config? (I assume the config does not get stored in plain text in Apaches memory and there is some magic needed to decode the memory).

I think it might be really complex to debug it this way.


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I think it might be really complex to debug it this way.

Me too. There's no reason to believe that Apache simply reads the configuration into memory and consults it now and again -- more likely, many of the options integrally affect how apache configures itself at start-up.

So you would have to understand the structure of the apache source code and then start trying to figure out where the various bits and pieces would end up in a core dump.

If someone doesn't have a tool for this already (I'm guessing they don't) then I would try to find some other solution to your problem.

  • Okay, this really seems to be a complex thing. I already found some plain-text configuration in the core dump but I do not know why this individual Vhost was there and how Apache acts with this.
    – thonixx
    May 12, 2014 at 13:42

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