The other day I had the idea to create display manager independent guest session.

My basic idea was to change the login shell to a custom program that creates a temporary home on the fly (f.e. /tmp/guest-XXXXXX) and assign this session that home. After the user logs out it would remove that directory again. The problem I ran into is the following, I need to set a home in /etc/passwd and I can overwrite the HOME environment variable without a problem, but applications still seem to use the home set in passwd instead of the environment variable, at least in a graphical environment. I can not set the home in passwd because I do not know about it until the session has started.

The basic logic I came up with looks like this:

  • login shell started
  • temporary home created
  • HOME is set to this temporary home
  • a real shell is forked
  • after that real shell terminates, the temporary home is removed

This seems to work when I su into the user, but running a graphical session means that mot/all programs started use the home set in passwd.

Is it possible to change a user home on the fly/while a graphical session is active? DId I overlook something in the architecture of how the graphical sessions work?

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