Linux Mint 16 (Ubuntu-based) 32-bit running on a netbook. Installed Wine and Skype, and all updates. Went to install rdesktop (typed rdesktop in the gnome menu search, chose 'install rdesktop'), and I get a screen similar to this one, except that under the heading "NOT AUTHENTICATED," when I click the plus, there's just one blank line, no actual package names. The summary says 10 will be held back, 1 will be installed. I assume the 1 is rdesktop, so what's this blank line and warning all about? Will I fall victim to some MitM attack if I click "apply"?

  • A screen similar so which one? – Andreas Wiese May 10 '14 at 10:52
  • @AndreasWiese, updated with link, thanks for calling that to my attention. Sorry, I was reposting a question from a botched migration from superuser to askubuntu, which I didn't realize didn't include ubuntu-based distros like mint. I couldn't click 'edit' anymore and copied the rendered text, which didn't include the link. – Kev May 10 '14 at 10:54

I chose cancel, and the second time I tried this, I didn't see this dialog at all. I'm not sure what change might have occurred to account for the difference, but hopefully it was nothing to worry about in the end.


I also encountered this issue, but had to click refresh on the update manager in order to get passed the error.

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