I've put CrunchBang on my USB device. Live Session is working, but when I choose "Install" it directly returns to the CrunchBang boot options.

What can I do?


I assume the process fails just at the step where it should load the files from the CRDOM.

Cause description : Actually, at this step, the installer search for the file "/cdrom/dists/wheezy/Release". In the ISO file, th wheezy folder is a link to "/cdrom/dists/sid/Release". When i created my bootable USB stick (the same issue happens whether i used unetbootin or pendrive util), this link disappear and "wheezy" is no longer a link but zero file. I could see the problem by switching to the tty where the installer logs everything (ctrl+alt+f4).

Solution : As it's on a USB stick, we can write on the mounted disk. I switched to another tty (ctrl+alt+f2). What i did was just to remove the "/cdrom/dists/wheezy" zero file. And i made a "cp -R /cdrom/dists/sid /cdrom/dists/wheezy". Then i switched back to the graphical installer (ctrl+alt+f5) and continued the installation and everything went smoothly

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Worked for me, now I'm writing from my Waldorf.

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