I have on old mac desktop:

  • Power PC G3 (300MHz)
  • 320 MB Ram

I want to use it for browsing the internet and playing videos. What distro should I use?

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You might check out Crux, it seems to be the most promising entry in lightweight distros that support ppc catagory.

I also ran across Slackintosh, although their promotional material isn't very exciting. You can find lots more distros that support ppc here. Several distros listed (including Ubuntu and my personal favorite: PLD-Linux) have actually dropped PPC support over the last couple years, so that that list with a huge grain of salt.


I'd say go with Debian. It supports many architectures including ppc.

Debian's quite user friendly and because it has a large user base, you'll probably get any questions you have answered quickly.

Debian has a comprehensive installation manual.

EDIT: I just came across this site which seems to have quite a bit of info for ppc GNU/Linux users.

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