I am trying to view/edit a pdf file in pdftk, and I get the following error:

[lucas@lucas-ThinkPad-W520]~/Downloads$ pdftk file.pdf
Done.  Input errors, so no output created.

What am I doing wrong? Whether or not pdftk can provide a GUI, I just want to view the file contents.

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There are a great many solutions for this. @Acorbe is correct that okular is one such solution. If you're looking for something lighter-weight, you may also want to take a look at zathura. Or, if all you want to do is see the text contents (in a similar layout, but not exactly the same), you can also just open the PDF with vim. By default, what vim will show you is this stripped-down text-only view.

Either way, pdftk is powerful for command-line usage (as Acorbe mentioned) but does not offer a way to view the resulting file (not that I know of anyway).


pdftk is used to do command line-like manipulation of pdf documents (merge/split/...). You can use the help for the syntax.

On the other hand, you can visualize the content of the pdf e.g. with okular

$ okular file.pdf


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