I installed Ubuntu 14.04 on VMware workstation version 10.0.0 on my Windows 7 machine. After installing I figured out that it doesn't have any sound so I checked the sound settings. All items seem to be at their default states and correct. Any suggestion to find the problem?

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    Do you install the vmware tools on your vm ? – Kiwy Jan 7 '15 at 6:21

If lspci|grep snd_ens1371 gives some output the sound kernel modules are loaded & sound is probably muted in alsamixer. Muted channels show up as 'MM' & can be unmuted by selecting them & pressing M.

If alsamixer does not detect a sound card run:

alsactl init

If you are using pulseaudio check /etc/asound.confcontains a minimum of:

pcm.pulse { type pulse }
ctl.pulse { type pulse }
pcm.!default { type pulse }
ctl.!default { type pulse }

I also changed the sound device settings in VMWARE to my detected speakers (from default host device).

Reboot & sound will work.

This fixed xfce4-volume-control / gstreamer complaining no sound card can be found & warning of a possible permissions problem. Trying to run just ALSA under Debian Wheezy 64 bit in VMWARE still gave this gstreamer error. VMWARE seems to run a little better with pulseaudio also being installed (sound in Virtualbox ran just fine with only ALSA).


Following command should resolve your issue:

sudo alsa force-reload

If that won't help you, try to reinstall ALSA and pulseaudio with these commands:

sudo apt-get remove --purge alsa-base pulseaudio

sudo apt-get install alsa-base pulseaudio

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