I run Debian Wheezy on a old Acer Aspire One ZG5 model netbook as a server. I have a printer shared to all my other systems and I'm worried about security. On the server I have IPtables set up to block everything that hasn't been initiated by the server itself and I opened ssh, cups (631), AVAHI (assumed 5353 for airplay printing). I just want to make sure no one but my trusted systems can print, that no one but me can get in a change CUPS settings via web or otherwise, and that no one can use a obscure CUPS hole to mess with my server. I have one iPhone, one android tablet, and two Debian Wheezy Laptops I want to share my printer with. I'm unsure how to go about securing CUPS or what even is the best security to use with CUPS.


As long as your private network is not accessible from the internet, you will have no problem.

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