I have the following bash script for some reason $LINE value is not coming on val=. I can see the line from file is read can be display by each $LINE but when defined in the val.. is not showing.

  while read LINE
       echo "Processing:" $LINE
       val=`ldapsearch -h localhost -w test -z 0 -x -b 'dc=test,dc=org' -D "cn=admin,dc=testing,dc=com" id=$LINE | grep val`
       echo $LINE "," $val
  done < inputfile.txt

any idea what I am doing wrong here.

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    Take one example line. Replace $LINE with the (quoted) text. Then run the ldapsearch command. Does that give the intended result? – Hauke Laging May 3 '14 at 0:45

Based on your issue it would seem like you're encountering an issue with the results of your ldapsearch.

Potential fix #1

For starters I'd enable verbose output so you can see how the backtick portion of your command is getting expanded.

set -x
val=`ldapsearch -h localhost -w test -z 0 -x -b 'dc=test,dc=org' -D \
     "cn=admin,dc=testing,dc=com" id=$LINE | grep val`
set +x
Potential fix #2

I'd also change it so that it uses $() notation instead of the backticks.

val=$(ldapsearch -h localhost -w test -z 0 -x -b 'dc=test,dc=org' -D \
     "cn=admin,dc=testing,dc=com" id=$LINE | grep val)
Potential fix #3

Also I'd quote the contents of $LINE when passed to id=.

val=$(ldapsearch -h localhost -w test -z 0 -x -b 'dc=test,dc=org' -D \
     "cn=admin,dc=testing,dc=com" id="$LINE" | grep val)
Potential fix #4

Lastly I'd try changing the pipe from | to |& so that you're parsing both STDOUT and STDERR from ldapsearch.

General tip

You can always enable full verbose output from Bash by appending the switch -x to the shebang line.

#!/bin/bash -x
  • this is great info. It helps me to narrow down the problem. I noticed there is \r in $LINE which is massing the ldap query. what is the best way to remove this line feed from this variable. I am $LINE | tr "\r" " ". which is kind of working – Raza May 3 '14 at 1:44
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    @Salton - yes tr would be the way to go. Do a | tr -d '\r'. That'll delete any \r's from your output. – slm May 3 '14 at 1:50

That is probably a quoting problem. Instead of id=$LINE you should (in general) use id="$LINE". Same for echo $LINE.

  • no sir. not that easy.. I tried that didn't work.. it is frustrating. – Raza May 3 '14 at 0:42

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