I am increasing nproc limit for one of a development user account in my rhel6 system . After searching some rubust solution , I zerod at editing /etc/security/limits.conf with these two lines :

@dev_user        hard    nproc          4096
@dev_user        soft    nproc          4096

For some cases I have to deal with so much number of threads that's why I want those numbers high . Also this solution serves the pupose well . BUT my problem is if any time I edit that file with sudo permission then it only becomes after the system restart.

This dev_user have been provided root access with sudo permissions only. Here is my humble request to you to please suggest me some solution which should do the task without restart . Also increased limits should last long until unless no else edits it again.

  • Restarting the entire system for a limits.conf change to take effect is like burning down your whole house to get rid of a spider. – Bratchley May 2 '14 at 13:04

The settings specified in /etc/security/limits.conf are applied by pam_limits.so (man 8 pam_limits).
The pam stack is only involved during the creation of a new session (login). Thus you need to log out and back in for the settings to take effect.

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