I found this in a man page for ls in solaris linux.


What does it mean when it says:

D the entry is a door?

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    Wikipedia is your friend Doors_(computing) Doors are an inter-process communication facility for Unix computer systems. They provide a form of procedure call. – HBruijn Apr 29 '14 at 11:28
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    They also allow for a killer interview question for Solaris admins: When is a door not a door? When it's a jar. – Matt Apr 29 '14 at 11:39

A door is a special file in Solaris for bidirectional communication between processes (IPC). Doors provide client processes with a way to call remote code in a server process and fetch the result.

As @HBrujin stated, the Wikipedia article is a good entry point to doors (if that makes sense to you).

As explained by ls man page, doors are identified by the letter D in ls output.

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